360° Feedback.

360 Degree Feedback

360 Degree Feedback is a powerful assessment tool used by managers and leaders to better understand their strengths, weaknesses, and development needs.

It rests on the notion that self-improvement fundamentally requires that we recognise our strengths and weaknesses, including a good sense of our impact on other people. As the oft-used Johari window model below illustrates, we all have blind spots and no way to see them without receiving (solicited or unsolicited) feedback.

The 360 Degree Feedback tool addresses these blind spots effectively – providing an accurate picture of how the employee is perceived in the workplace.


TML360®’s custom-made, personalised and qualitative approach is very different to an online 360 Degrees Feedback tool shopped ‘off the shelf’. Each TML360® process is carefully tailored to meet your distinct needs, budget and preferred style, providing your company with a profoundly supportive, organisation-affirming method for promoting employee growth and development.

As with any assessment tool and process involving the delicate matter of people’s feelings and self-image, proper administration is vital. TML Coaching therefore meticulously ensures that:

      • The process is well aligned and integrated with the overall strategic goals of the company;

      • All stakeholders are properly involved, consulted and briefed;

      • Open communication is maintained throughout the process;

      • Very clear confidentiality rules are kept and measures taken to avoid political manoeuvring and raters’ bias (we use external professional consultants, personal interviews, an online automated state-of-the-art system and at least 6 raters per person to ensure these challenges are properly met);

      • Feedback is provided in a professional and responsible manner, ensuring people understand their feedback and develop action plans accordingly. Our underlying approach is that effective and successful managers focus on strengths and on how to construct, rather than on weaknesses.

How does it work?

Each rater responds online to a confidential rating-scale questionnaire covering a broad range of workplace competencies concerning the rated participant (who also responds to an identical self-assessment questionnaire). The individual responses are automatically calculated along rater categories (i.e., manager, peer, direct report). While preserving anonymity this allows the participant assessed a clear picture of his/her greatest overall strengths and weaknesses as perceived by each category.

The system automatically tabulates the results and presents them in a format that helps the feedback recipient create a development plan. In addition to completing the online part, raters and participants are interviewed by a trained TML coach, confidentially and sensitively eliciting useful information that is deeper and broader, adding depth and breadth to the complete report.

Is 360 Degree Feedback Right For You?

TML360® is extremely useful for:

      • Identifying development needs for individuals, teams and organisations

      • Increasing positive, powerful problem-solving capacities for all involved

      • Promoting accountability and communication among team members

      • Providing the company with a powerful additional resource that gives insight into what works and what does not, in terms of structure and strategy.

TML360® is most successful when fully integrated in the work environment as one of many methods used to support people development, and achieve the company’s mission, vision, and values. It can be used to complement and enhance the following:

      • Employee Development

      • Performance Appraisal

      • Performance Management

      • Training Needs Assessment

      • Evaluation of Training

      • Attitude surveys

      • Organisational Climate surveys
      • Customer Satisfaction surveys

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