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“Strange, isn’t it? I cannot think of a single professional sports star without a professional coach! That, despite the exceptional talent of the respective sports stars. The point is simple….Irrespective of how good someone is, a coach can help them to achieve peak performance. How come we seem to have missed that in business?

Michal Leon has been coaching our top executives over the past year. The results are impressive! Thanks to Michal’s professional, disciplined and empathetic approach we have seen considerable improvements in those being coached. Additionally, the innovative feedback sessions have allowed us to identify and rectify structural and inter personal impediments to growth. As long as our team keeps winning, we will retain our coach to maximize the potential of our people!”

Philip J. Krawitz – Chairman , Cape Union Mart Group (Pty) Ltd.

“Michal has added enormous value to our young leaders development programme because of her ability to connect with and coach South Africans from very different backgrounds and cultures. Her skills are perfectly suited to coaching leaders who take seriously the management of diversity in their organisation.”

Ryan Coetzee MP – Former CEO, Democratic Alliance

“I really appreciate Michal’s willingness to share her depth and breath of experience with me. She is a good listener who has the courage to challenge when challenging is due. She is an honest person who speaks her mind. These are qualities that make her an excellent coach and coaching supervisor.”

Idries Kahaar, Chief Operations Officer at Cornastone Enterprise Management Systems

“Michal has been working with me as a Life Coach since 2010. I have grown personally and, as a result, professionally from our sessions and from her input, which I feel strikes the right balance as a coach. Michal cares deeply about her work and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a coach to assist with personal and professional development.”

Nikki Froneman , Performing Arts Producer & Manager

“Michal has been extremely instrumental in improving team dynamics and motivation here at Cape Union Mart. We recently embarked on a 360-degree forum and though this this program we were able to get a greater understanding of strengths and weakness at executive level.

Her input has played a hugely positive role in the success of our company.”

Ken Lazarus, Creative Director at Cape Union Mart

“Working with Michal Leon has been a pleasure. Her psychological training, coaching training and diverse life experience mean that she has a wide range of tools to call on in helping her coachees. Her insight and warmth enable her to connect with a range of individuals from widely varying backgrounds. The Young Leaders that she has worked with on the DA Young Leaders Development Programme have had nothing but praise for her. Despite one participant’s initial scepticism, he later approached me to say that Michal’s coaching was the component of the Programme that had benefited him the most. In my dealings with Michal she has always been a consummate professional.”

Richard Jameison – Former Director, DA Leadership Academy, Parliament

“Michal is a one of those very rare people – an inspirational leader — growth in relationships. She can make work become real, humane, interesting and uplifting, all at the same time without sacrificing on professionalism, quality or confidentiality.”

Elta Boshard, Founder at C-i-C-U@29

“I feel that I have grown, personally, and as a leader through the one on one sessions I have had with Michal, and through the group sessions which Michal and her team of coaches have conducted with my management team. I have found that since starting with Michal in 2008 I have become more confident and as a leader I have increasingly learned and practiced listening to my colleagues, I am better at evaluating situations in a more balanced way and I am delegating and trusting my team to take on more responsibility.”

“I can say with confidence that without the coaching I have received from Michal I would not have achieved the same level of growth and success that I have over the past five years.”

Bobby Fairlamb, General Manager, K Way Manufacturers (Pty) Limited

“Michal has coached me over several years with a rare combination of empathy and intuition. Her honest and incisive feedback has helped me to think and act in new directions.

I have a deep sense of trust in Michal and her coaching integrity. She is a talented and impactful coach, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be coached by her.”

Marc Herson, Chief Operating Officer, 2go Interactive

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