SDI ® – The Magic of Using The Lens of Personal Strengths

The SDI® has been used to help individuals and organisations for over 30 years. Major companies such as Apple, Boeing, Washington Mutual, Gillette, United Airlines, Unilever and Procter & Gamble have used the SDI to remain competitive.

More companies in South Africa use this tool as it offers a top-quality, reliable tool at a very competitive cost.

Many of the world’s most successful individuals believe that being skilled in the art of relationships is a crucial factor in their success. These interpersonal relationship skills include awareness and understanding that the way we see things may differ from how other people see things.

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Michal Leon, as a Master SDI facilitator runs training workshops periodically in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

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Coaches – Gain 15 CCEUs for ICF when attending this course!

For some of us, for instance, getting things done quickly and efficiently is priority number one. However, other people feel that getting the job done right takes thoughtfulness and planning — not speed. Still others tend to be more concerned about the human aspects and the feelings of the people involved. As different as these approaches are, all of them are valuable. Recognising what ‘motivational language’ someone is speaking can greatly enhance your ability to communicate more effectively and handle conflict more productively. It becomes easier to relate to a person’s actions when you understand what drives them from within.

TML Coaching & Consulting offers a highly cost-effective, flexible and reliable learning model based on Relationship Awareness Theory, for accurately understanding the motivation behind behaviour: the SDI® (Strengths Deployment Inventory®).

The SDI is not just another ‘personality test’. It is a self-scoring motivational assessment tool that provides an understanding of what drives you and what drives others — an understanding that empowers you to communicate in a way that achieves the results you desire. Unlike other ‘personality tests’ and ‘type’ models, Relationship Awareness Theory reveals why individuals act the way they do.

Some of the benefits recorded include:

  • Reducing the costs of workplace conflict while turning it into a positive force for change by encouraging non-confrontational conflict management and conflict resolution;
  • Making business and personal relationships more productive and rewarding;
  • Discovering one’s own style in relating to others and subsequent potential sources of conflict for self and others, and
  • Looking beyond other people’s ‘behaviour’ to recognise and understand the motivation behind it. This is particularly useful for customer-facing and sales employees.


Why the SDI ® Works

The SDI depersonalises conflict
It’s a non-threatening method for conflict management — a subject that is too often avoided.
The SDI is memorable
It’s an experiential tool promoting common sense concepts in a highly visual manner.
The SDI honours our differences
It’s an inventory of the unique way we value different strengths and interpret the actions of others.
The SDI illuminates the reason for our actions
It’s a snapshot of who we are — going beyond behaviour to reveal our driving motivation.
The SDI is intended for application
It promotes interpersonal insights that are crucial to improving any situation where people

Inventory Details

The SDI Standard Edition, which we most often use, captures the responses to 20 questions. Using a graphical score charting method, individuals and/or teams can see everyone’s results on a common scoring triangle.
The results are graphically presented on a triangle, and colour coding helps make it both memorable and easy to comprehend.
The Standard Edition looks at the individual’s Motivational Value Systems – as well as the personal Conflict Sequence and provides a powerful insight into preferred styles for times of routine and relative calmness and times of conflict and turbulence.

TML adds on various SDI tools such as a team’s Portrait of Strengths (and therefore missing strengths); and adapts the material to the group’s realities and needs.


Administration of the SDI ® requires SDI-qualified facilitators. TML’s SDI facilitators will be guided by Master SDI Facilitator Michal Leon, and available to facilitate in all provinces of South Africa.
The assessments will be administered online and managed by Michal, enabling easy access to the information. (For example, one can get a clear picture of how teams are made up; whether employees in stores, or marketing, or finance have a different motivational profile; whether successful teams show any particular motivational profile, et cetera).
This information can then be used in recruitment, talent retention and team buildings processes, as well as provide a highly effective preparation for coaching interventions.

Client Testimonials from Around the Globe

“I’m amazed at the reception and instant connection to the SDI. People leave energized and begging for more.” – Barbara Jemmott, Training Coordinator, Information Technology
Deloitte & Touche
“The SDI was our instrument of choice to help us accomplish the rather daunting task of helping the department build sensitivity, plus skill in one day training sessions. Nearly 300 managers and line staff, in mixed groups, experienced the SDI. A few days after the training program was finished, the department director (also a participant) told us he had personally received more email, phone calls, and personal comment from staff about these programs than any training event in his memory. In fact, he said it was the most effective and memorable training experience for his department. WOW!”
~ Al Baldwin, Director, Organization Development & Training
Contra Costa County
“On behalf of The Northeast Air Defense Sector, I thank you again for your presentation of the SDI. Truly, this exceeded our expectations. I did not expect to see implementation on Monday morning, and I believe it is already taking place. The more thought I give it, the more powerful I realize it is.” ~ M. Elise Hereth, Maj., NY ANG, Quality Improvement
“A must for any company that wants to improve their productivity and improve employee relations.” ~ Tom Morehouse, Broker/Owner
“Our training will never be the same again. The SDI is now part of who we are” ~ Charles Lickson JD, PhD
“Whether you are raising money for your business, negotiating a new contract, managing a group of people inside your company or in sales and need to know how to approach your potential customer to ensure a successful sale, SDI will give you tools to make certain you are successful. I have raised over a billion dollars for my various companies, and I wish I had known about this incredibly powerful tool then. You cannot leave figuring out what motivates your people to chance. SDI removes the mystery.” ~ Keith Cunningham, President KJC Investments, INC

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