People development in any organisation is all about maximising potential through powerful, proven methods.

We offer a menu of options, designed and adapted to specifically address your unique needs:

All of these can be described as elements which being together (over time) – a culture change.

“People support what they create and resist what they are excluded from” -Margaret Wheatley

Each TML engagement is custom-designed on the basis of thorough assessment of needs and budget considerations. Our framework includes modules, which can work separately or in conjunction. These include: Team and Individual Assessments (mainly 360 Degrees Feedbackand Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI)); Personal Coaching; Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training, and in-house Coaching Skills Training for managers.

Everything we do is about partnering people to think for themselves and co-create what they truly need and want. Coaching is both robust and supportive. It encourages, challenges, supports and inspires. We are passionate about coaching as an approach that allows people to remove liming assumptions, look at things differently and open up new learning.

If you check one or more of the items below, a partnership with TML Coaching is probably for you

  Want to improve existing relationships with your management team or board

  Wish to harmonise management-staff relationships

  Aspire to secure your competitive edge

  Need to generate greater profit and enhance your organisation’s effectivenes

  Intend to attract and retain talent

  Seek to infuse your company with a positive, open and dynamic culture

  Aspire to keep yourself and your managers challenged

  Desire to attain and work-life balance

  Yearn to reignite your professional passion or redevelop your visions, goals and direction

Why choose Coaching?

Did you know that in 2013 88% of leading companies in South Africa1 were using coaching regularly?

In the UK, USA and Australia, the figures are similar or higher.

Simply put, coaching works!

Definition of Coaching

Coaching is partnering with clients in a powerful alliance designed to catalyse and produce fulfilling and effective results in both the professional and personal life.

Coaching focuses on the client’s unique strengths and needs, unlocking potential and leading to personal growth and empowerment.

Coaching is about change and transformation. This is achieved by clarifying specific, attainable goals, designing action plans and achieving them. Therefore, it is about the ability of people to grow by altering behaviours and habits. Coaching is time-bound, and sometimes very challenging – as often “old habits die hard”. But the results can be remarkable.

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Executive Coaching

Effective leaders in business require mastery in 3 areas, which we address in our approach to Executive Coaching:

  1. Clear Purpose and Vision – and the ability to communicate them clearly to relevant stakeholders (employees, partners, media, government, etc.)
  2. Interpersonal relationships building and nurturing in a manner that elicits excellence in people. In other words, creating resonance by being emotionally intelligent.
  3. Achieving bottom-line results through effective management of people.

Other prevalent areas of coaching are: Business Coaching and Life Coaching.

At TML we aim to provide mainly Executive, Business and Leadership Coaching, although our team is qualified to provide Life Coaching as well.

How do we work?

The sponsor company nominates the clients for the coaching programme. Executive coaching aims at leaders, managers and senior staff mainly, as they are the catalysts of change. Personal coaching is offered to high-potential employees who are seen as the successors of current major role players.

The sessions are one-on-one, one to one-and-a-half-hour long, once to trice monthly.

After an initial assessment and introduction with the sponsor company, a coaching programme is designed, tailor-made to fit the specific needs of the organisation.

A coherent, coordinated integrative approach will benefit larger interventions in larger companies. For such coaching programme we offer a team of coaches working together as a learning team, collectively using the knowledge gleaned from the respective clients to feed back to the organisation.

The team comprises coaches using the same approach and holding similar professional world-views. This creates a powerful synergy, promoting change and ensuring the sustainability of the new learned behaviours, using a holistic view. I work with the team as head coach, providing on-going support to the organisation throughout our work together.

The team members are recruited according to the nature of the organisation, the size of the project and other criteria.

We are proud to be working with clients over many years, once we contract to start working. Simply because we are fully committed to put the clients’ interest first, and provide impeccable service. It is easy because we are so passionate about what we do.

Theories and Models

To achieve sustainable results in these areas, we work with many models based on neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence, Thinking Environment (Nancy Kline), Solution Focused brief Therapy (SBTI), Systems Thinking and Stephen Covey’s Habits of Highly Effective People. We also employ Conflict Resolution methods and tools.

Our Core Principles

Confidentiality An agreement is reached with the stakeholders in each process; the management/line manager; HR, and the individual client. It is based on the confidentiality of the content of coaching sessions. Information can be divulged only by the client or with appropriate authorisation by them.
Transparency The coach is not the expert, but rather models how to share strengths as well as weaknesses, and share knowledge and techniques, so that clients can be empowered to self-coach in future. Any communication (pertaining the client) with the sponsor organisation is done with the full knowledge of all individual clients.
Empowerment The end goal of the process is to have individuals who can do self-management and self-coach, in a manner that will not only benefit them in the workplace and in non-work situations, but will also benefit their peers, subordinates, managers and employers.

Increase Your Emotional Intelligence Workshops

TML offers a special in-depth highly interactive Emotional Intelligence training aimed at increasing your managers and your teams emotional intelligence using proven methods combining experiential learning, cutting-edge knowledge base and self-learning power methodologies over a period of three months.

This is a very cost-effective way to swiftly up your company’s game.

Clients said about this workshop: “You go through a lot of useful training – but this one is a life-changing training” (April 2015, area manager, retail company, Johannesburg)

“I thought I knew all about EQ – I studied it before, it is what I DO…and I found this to be mind-blowing, teaching me new things, opening my eyes to how much more I can do and achieve” (HR practitioner, Cape Town, April 2015).

“We tailor-make the process to suit your company’s style, needs and budget. Each organisation is different, and we strive to listen carefully to what your company needs to achieve and partner you in how to approach it best.”

1Zia Attlee, a coach who completed her Masters of management, Business and Executive Coaching, Witwatersrand University, 2013 – based on the 49 top listed JSE listed companies.

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