Training In-House Coaches.

Training In-House Coaches

For coaching to have its most potent effect, the company’s culture has to embrace it and be fully aligned with it. This is why we see our In-House Coaches Training as a very important building-block service. It complements the one on one and team coaching, which we typically provide. The natural next step for managers who have been coached is to become internal coaches and start coaching within the business.

The 3 main benefits of Training your own In-House Coaches:

  1. Cost-effective (reducing the cost of external coaches).
  2. Strengthening coaching culture in the business – i.e., developing better managers.
  3. Talent retention and improved workforce engagement (research repeatedly proves that talent stays and people engage more because of being acknowledged and allowed to grow; not because of higher paycheques).

The programme

This is a three-days training programme spread over two months, followed by regular monthly supervision sessions with an external senior coach.

Our dynamic and experiential programme combines teaching the core coaching competencies1 with practical business application.

Your Internal Coaches will be able to competently practice coaching to better serve your employees and the business.

This programme is aimed specifically at middle-to-senior managers who wish to shift to a coaching style of leadership and who are passionate about cultivating and retaining talent.

Here’s what the CIPD (UK)2 said in its survey of companies using internal manager-coaches:

Impact of manager coaching – 10 main areas:

  • Changes the culture or helps to embed a coaching culture
  • Improved management skills and capability
  • Behaviour change in the coaches
  • Benefits for the coachees as a result of receiving Coaching
  • Greater employee engagement and commitment
  • Improvements to business indicators or results
  • Savings in HR time/costs
  • Achievement of external awards and recognition
  • Unexpected spin-offs
  • Accelerated talent development
To discuss running this highly-effective powerful way of transforming your business – drop Michal a note – Click here

1 Based on International Coach Federation’s (ICF) and COMENSA (Coaches & Mentors South Africa) guidelines.
2 Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development –

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