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Cheerful Business Coach

Talent is the key differentiating factor in the future success of any business. The ability to attract, maintain and cultivate talent is of fundamental concern to business owners worldwide. Coaching has become an integral part of the standard leadership development for elite executives and talented up-and-comers at IBM, Motorola, J.P. Morgan, Chase, Hewlett Packard, and many more. These companies are giving their talented resources the same support star athletes have been receiving for years. 

TML Coaching provides customised leadership development opportunities for senior executives, business people, individual contributors, and managers. Using us helps companies raise their game. Our formula is simple, yet powerful. It combines proven tools and methods, creating an ongoing sound relationship based on trust and respect. 

Each TML engagement is custom-designed on the basis of thorough assessment of needs and budget considerations.

The results: individuals and teams perform better. The organisational culture shifts gear, and the business reaches for new heights. 

Coaching benefits

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Achieve life goals

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Ask consultancy

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Self development

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Return on Investment (ROI)

TML Coaching offers high ROI, with clients repeatedly citing increased productivity, enhanced employee engagement, significant conflict reduction, and improved teamwork as evidence of the impact of TML interventions.

Our Offerings:

Life Coach Working with a Female Client

Powerful one-on-one coaching sessions

Personalised, bi-weekly one-on-one sessions for a set time, tailored to the particular client’s

Multiracial business team having a meeting in the office

Team Coaching

Regular sessions with organic teams to create more trust, build resilience and create high-performing cohesive teams.
We include check-ins with line managers/stakeholders (tripartite) sessions to align with the business requirements.

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360 Degree Feedback

This most powerful tool enables individuals to identify their leadership strengths and development needs, based on carefully gathered confidential feedback from their managers, peers and direct reports (online and interviews combined). Feedback is discretely delivered by a highly skilled coach.

Leadership development workshops

We offer a variety of powerful workshops addressing the various domains managers and leaders need to master. Some recent examples of workshops we ran:
- Executive Presence and Influencing Others
- Emotional Intelligence - Positive Intelligence
- Communication
- Conflict management Team cohesiveness
- Performance reviews made easy
- Conducting difficult conversations

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Training In-House Coaches

TML trains in-house managers to serve as internal coach-mentors to junior employees within the company. This training can reduce the cost of external coaching for junior staff without compromising their development. Moreover, it fosters a “coaching culture” and deepens management skills while securing the company’s ability to acquire, retain, and develop the talent on which its future success ultimately depends.

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Ongoing Support

As individuals often face challenges and changes after the completion of individual coaching and/or between sessions, TML is available for electronic, telephonic and/or face -to-face support above and beyond sessions on an ongoing basis.

Get 30-Minutes
complimentary online session.

What can coaching achieve for you?

What are your needs?

Personal / business / team / leadership?

Am I – or one of my team members the best coach for you?

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