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Talent is the key differentiating factor in the future success of any business. The ability to attract, maintain and cultivate talent, is of fundamental concern to business owners worldwide. Coaching has become an integral part of the standard leadership development for elite executives and talented up-and-comers at IBM, Motorola, J.P. Morgan, Chase, Hewlett Packard, and many more. These companies are giving their talented resources the same support star athletes have been receiving for years.

TML Coaching provides one-on-one customised leadership development opportunities for senior executives and managers. Using TML Coaching helps companies raise their game. Our formula is simple, yet powerful. It combines proven tools and methods with the creation of an ongoing sound relationship based on trust and respect.

The results: individuals and teams perform better. The organisational culture shifts gear and the business reaches for new heights.

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Individual Coaching

Thorough individual assessments followed by personalised 1-1.5 hours bi-weekly one-on-one sessions for a set period of time, tailored to the particular needs and demands of each client.


As individuals often face challenges and changes after the completion of individual coaching and/or between sessions, TML is available for electronic, telephonic and/or face to face support above and beyond sessions on an ongoing basis.

360 Degree Feedback

The most powerful available tool enabling individuals to identify their leadership strengths and development needs, on the basis of carefully gathered confidential feedback from their managers, peers and direct reports (online and interviews combined). Feedback is discretely delivered by a highly skilled coach.

Return on Investment (ROI)

TML Coaching offers high ROI, with clients repeatedly citing increased productivity, enhanced employee engagement, significant conflict reduction, and improved teamwork as clear results of coaching and development through TML interventions.

Training In-House Coaches

TML trains in-house managers to serve as internal coach-mentors to junior employees within the company. This reduces the cost of external coaching for junior staff without compromising their development; fosters a “coaching culture” and deepens management skills, while securing the company’s ability to acquire, retain, and develop the talent on which its future success ultimately depends.

Each TML engagement is custom-designed on the basis of thorough assessment of needs and budget considerations. Our framework includes modules, which can work separately or in conjunction. These include: Team and Individual Assessments; 360 Degrees Feedback; Personal Coaching; Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training, and in-house Coaching Skills Training for managers.

If you check one or more of the items below, a partnership with

TML Coaching is probably for you.

  Want to improve existing relationships with your management team or board

  Wish to harmonise management-staff relationships

  Aspire to secure your competitive edge

  Need to generate greater profit and enhance your organisation’s effectivenes

  Intend to attract and retain talent

  Seek to infuse your company with a positive, open and dynamic culture

  Aspire to keep yourself and your managers challenged

  Desire to attain and work-life balance

  Yearn to reignite your professional passion or redevelop your visions, goals and direction

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